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Sales Manager:Huang Lei
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1. Enterprise goal: to be the first-class color spray production base at home and the most competitive color spray ink manufacturer in the world.
2. Enterprise spirit: striving, progress, endeavor and innovation
3. Enterprise tenet: Satisfying customers is our pursuit.
4. Enterprise values: provide the best products for the society, bring the greatest profit for the enterprise and offer the largest benefit for the employee
5. Enterprise style: Motions follow notions. Solid and meticulous.
6. Enterprise management policy: manage the enterprise according to law and morality.
7. Quality policy: consistent management and create satisfactory famous brands
8. Enterprise idea:
Management idea: Market as orientation, products as guidance
                    Profit as center, technology as means
                   Innovation as motivation, talent as base
                   Scene as emphasis and satisfying as standard.
                                                —Short as "Eight as"
Market idea: managing brand and creating market
Sales idea: give sincerity to customers and get favor from them in return.
Competition idea: always in the lead and never fall behind
9. Team spirit: be of one mind and pull together in times of trouble
10. Team consciousness: Enterprise's development relies on me, and my living depends on the enterprise.
11. Innovation approach: learn and draw on lessons in a creative way
12. Management theory: creation as spirit and endeavor as base.
13. Management model: meeting the needs of customers as the goal
14. Slogan: Weixin  ink makes the world bright and colorful.